The Power of Centring

Centring puts all of life in balance and harmony

It is the key to open all doors (or at least most of them)

How it works

We each have many energy centres, and they are all important, but there is one for each of us that predominates and is most important for that individual. When we focus on that one all of the rest come into balance. This centre opens us up to divine love and harmony, to flow in action, and to loving relationships, and happiness in our lives.

The Centres


Connection to the higher realms. Those who centre here are the most refined and elegant.

Third Eye

The third eye rules thought, and leads to intelligent, wise approaches based on understanding and effective design.


Self expression and focus of intention comes from the throat chakra. Those focused here are the most charismatic of all types.


The heart is the centre of compassion, and leads to service, and sensitivity to people’s needs.

Solar Plexus

Passion comes from the solar plexus, not just the passions of anger, but the passion of love and connection as well. eople who centre here are the most deeply interested in supporting others to become the best they can be.


The Sacral centre expands into connection with others, and the universe. These are most interested in connecting with themselves, each other, nature etc.


The Bass is the centre of the creative urge. Open up to the creative inspiration of the universe.

The Feet

The feet connect us to the deep peace of the earth. Find your self in the slow and steady step by step, relaxed approach to life.

Discover your Centre and the key to your life